Please be patient with us as we all weather this storm. We are here to support you as we make the decision to temporarily close our physical doors and go online. As of March 21 we are incorporating LIVE online classes via ZOOM. We are in the process of updating our schedule on MindBody AND our Schedule Menu Item above.

Join us for LIVE Classes with our teachers on ZOOM!

1. Register for your class on MindBody


2. Go to ZOOM or if you have a Zoom account, log in and click "Join a Meeting"


2. Enter the teacher's classroom name - also in the name of the class on MindBody

(samaKim, samaAnna, samaSarah...)


3. Set up your mat, grab water and your props (couch cushions, dictionary, hand-towel) while you wait for the teacher to "check you in"

(Set up your mat far enough away from your device/laptop so the teacher can see you)

4. Say Hello! Start a conversation! Interact with people! Then... have fun!!

Each teacher has their own, special "classroom." Check out their link in the Teacher's Section below.


What is next?

From the News Briefings this past weekend (3/29), the Shelter-in-Place Order may extend through April. However, we are continuing to keep updated with the Governor's Daily New's Briefings at 2:30 pm.


We will continue our Online Zoom classes until we receive guidance from the CDC/Governmental Health Authorities to present a process and timetable to return to the Studio safely, for everyone. Again, we are doing everything possible to mitigate our losses during and maintain everyone's wellness at this time. Please continue to support our teachers as we support you in your practice.

To our community

- If you have a current package or are a Member, please request to join our Sama Home Practice FaceBook Lounge for updates, connection/communication and some live practices.

- Please join Kim every weekday at 8:00 am, on our Sama Public FaceBook Page  for updates, answers to questions, online classes, some fun, etc.

- Please use your package/membership when registering for ZOOM classes.

- If you would like to redeem your Groupon or take advantage of our In House Special 10 and 20 packages, please contact us at (847)428-8001 or

Please contact us if you are going through financial difficulties. We understand and want to support you as much as possible. We love you, you are part of our family, and family takes care of each other.

Sending you all love - may you be well, happy and peaceful

Kimberly Brown (owner of Sama Yoga)


Start with our special beginner series. Start at the beginning in a welcoming environment.



Go deeper and learn more in class series and 2 hour workshops facilitated by our highly trained teachers and guest presenters. 


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Many styles of Yoga and different teachers to choose. There's a class and teacher for everyone.



2020 Teacher Training and Yoga Studies delayed due to Covid-19 precautions



Meditation classes and workshops with spiritual guidance and discussion.


Day, Weekend, and Destination Retreats all with our amazing Teachers.

Let Go

About Us

Sama is a family-owned yoga studio focused on services to heal the mind, body and align your spirit.


We focus on educating; starting at the beginning (learning to make shapes with your body), then moving forward mindfully (leaning the philosophy of yoga within the pose and life), and finally teaching you to connect and express on and off the mat.


Everything we do at Sama is with the intention of supporting different aspects and stages of life with Yoga.

Since our doors opened in 2014, we have built a family oriented community focused on supporting the health and spirit of the surrounding area. 


You'll notice that we work to personalize your practice; we make it a point to know your name, ailments, modifications, favorite poses, and strengths. Over time, and with consistent practice, our teachers are able to support your progression at your own pace. We offer a variety of classes, specialty programs, workshops and training's for you to experience, go deeper, keep practicing, and have fun.  

Please check us out, schedule your classes, meet our amazing teachers, be welcomed by other like-minded people, relax, become stronger/more flexible, and laugh with us!



Kimberly Brown
ZOOM: SamaKim

Kim (eRYT-200/Owner) started practicing yoga as a method of adding movement to her daily routine when she was traveling as a Technology Consultant in the mid-1990’s. She was looking for a gentle but challenging exercise after injuring her shoulders from 17 intense years of competitive swimming. She studied... more

Anna Kolacny

Anna Kolacny is an internationally recognized Anusara-Inspired Hatha yoga teacher. Since 2006, Anna has taught throughout Asia, Europe and Los Angeles to work with rock stars, royalty, rocket scientists & beauty queens. She's had the pleasure of training with Olympic champions and... more

Sarah Rosenburg
ZOOM: SamaSarah

Sarah Rosenburg, LCSW, began a weekly practice of yoga at a local gym for a year to balance out her active running and weight training lifestyle before joining her local Yoga community in 2015. In 2016, she started her 303 hour, Fire Fly teacher training as well as training's with Young... more

Toni Morales

Toni started exploring yoga in 2008 as a way to transform her life. She wanted to incorporate fitness and fill the spaces of loneliness within her; after her marriage ended in divorce and simultaneously 20 years of a successful corporate career ended with anger, bitterness, stress and anxiety. A lifetime of denial about... more

Gloria Nash

Gloria Nash began her journey to health and wellness as a Senior in High School when a skilled physical therapist helped her to discover the seemingly unlikely culprit of my chronic pain. She spent years studying her own pain, body mechanics, and many forms of healing arts. She became increasingly interested in how to... more

Jim Gibilterra
ZOOM: SamaJim

Jim Gibilterra, RYT 200 is living proof that yoga exists for everyone, and that anyone can benefit from regular yoga practice.

“When I suggest to people to try a yoga class, I often hear them say they’re not flexible enough, healthy enough, or young enough for yoga. I tell them you don’t need any of that to do yoga... more

Emily Muenster

Emily Muenster, a RYT 200 hour teacher, humbly shares her love of movement through Vinyasa Flow Yoga with a loving heart and a joyous spirit. 



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