Operating Principles from July 4 - August 16, 2020

Studio Entry/Exit:

  • The studio will open 10 minutes before class starts.

  • Once all registered students have arrived, OR it is time for class, the studio doors will lock. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to class.

  • Masks are required in the studio. This rule will be strictly enforced. You will be asked to leave if you do not have a mask and be considered a Late Cancel (see "Registering" below).

  • Please come dressed to practice. The bathroom is not open for changing.

  • Deposit your shoes, keys, and purses in the cubbies then walk directly back to the room.

  • You will not be required to physically sign in as you have already registered.

  • Maintain a 6 foot distance out of respect for fellow students and the teacher.

  • Only one person in hallway entry into the yoga room at a time. Please wait for each other to pass.

  • Please fill the furthest spot available when entering the room (the teacher may ask the class to move depending on attendance).

  • Place any bags for yoga props behind your mat along the wall.

  • Any time you leave your mat please wear your mask.

  • All of us are responsible for keeping the space clean, washing hands, wearing masks while not actively practicing.

  • Please exit one at a time.

  • Keep a safe distance (as marked on the floor) when waiting for the bathroom or to approach the cubbies.

  • The doors will be locked as soon as all students leave the studio so it can be cleaned.


  • You will see two classes offered in most cases; one in-studio and the other via Zoom.The schedule will change to facilitate appropriate cleaning between classes and safe distancing for the students and teachers.

  • Everyone must wear a mask to be in the studio - no exceptions. If you are off your mat you must have a mask covering your nose and mouth.

  • Each student must bring their own props (blocks, straps, etc). You can purchase available props from Sama and pick them up as early as this weekend before/after class.

  • We will provide cleaning solution and washcloths for cleaning your props, mat and the floor around the space you occupied.

  • Once on your mat and you begin practice, you have the option of removing your mask. Please breathe through your nose as instructed within Astana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises).

  • All teachers have been instructed to keep a safe distance and only use verbal adjustments.

  • The Zoom link for the meetings will change. Please look in the name of the class for the Zoom room.


  • Registration for in-studio classes are REQUIRED. We only have 6 available spaces.

  • All in-studio classes will have a 24-hour registration cut-off time.In-studio classes must have 3 people registered 24-hours prior to class time.

  • Cancel your reservation if you are not feeling well or are sick.A wait-list is available if a student cancels within the 24 hour class window. Cancelling withing this window is called a "Late Cancel."

  • A class will be deducted from your package upon "Late Cancelling" out of respect for the teacher and fellow students on the wait list.

  • The teacher will "admit" people on the Wait List into class a ~12 hours prior.

  • The teacher will also cancel the in-studio class ~12 hours prior.

  • If a space does not open, please join virtually via Zoom.


  • Memberships are scheduled to terminate in July, on the renewal date, to avoid Memberships extending beyond Sunday, August 16th.

  • Unlimited packages have been discontinued to make sure they do not extend beyond Sunday, August 16th.

  • We have reduced prices for the 10, 5 and drop-in package/class rates in consideration for those who have had Memberships and Unlimited Monthly/3 Month rates. Also, to make attending blended classes more financially feasible.

  • The student/teacher rate is available - please email us at info@samayoga.us to purchase.

  • Family sharing is available - please email us at info@samayoga.us to share your package.

  • Groupon 10-packs can be redeemed until Friday, July 31st, at which time they will no longer be accepted. Groupon is aware of this cut off date. This rate is no longer available on Groupon or in the studio.

  • Expired Groupons (from April-June) that have sessions remaining will be extended to July 31st.

  • All sessions must be used on/before Sunday, August 16th. Absolutely no refunds for remaining sessions will be provided. No exceptions will be considered.

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