Asana (Yoga Postures) List

At Sama we teach postures appropriate to the difficulty of the class. The list of postures taught in different classes are found on this page. Please look through our posture list to familiarize yourself with asana that could be included in classes. The lists build upon each other; the Intermediate list includes all postures in the Beginner list.

There are hundreds of classical postures and even more variations and modifications that could be used in a yoga class. With consistent practice over time, you may experience all of the postures. Our teachers are creative with their sequencing not only to challenge you physically but also mentally. Some teachers enjoy making up postures you won't find online or in classical sources - these postures are often explored in Intermediate and Advanced classes.

It is possible that a teacher will include a posture not listed here. We encourage creative license so our teachers can help you explore your practice as well as their own.

Enjoy browsing our galleries. We hope you will return often and we will continue to update our gallery with classical as well as new, creative asana.

Beginner Postures

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