Chitta Vritti Nirodha - The Fluctuations of the Mind

January 31, 2017

This yoga sutra alone could be the foundation of a lifelong practice... and often is.
The word yoga has morphed to mean the physical practice more than the mental. The mind is where the practice starts. This Sutra is the crux of the practice. It refers to harnessing the turbulent and whirling thoughts about the past and future that we create.

From this Sutra alone we could redefine yoga as:
The concentrated effort applied to the accomplishment of spiritual disciplines (mental concentration, effort, application) designed to bring the practitioner to a cessation of identification with the ego-sense, leading to the elimination of the false sense of separation from the Self (unity, union).


As such, know Yoga to be the means to remove the affliction of ignorance and the essence of all spiritual paths.
Yogas chitta vritti nirodha- take a look at your thoughts and observe if they are real or part of your past experiences. Start to identify these thoughts and ask what is happening NOW... return yourself to the present moment and step out of the fear your mind produces about the future. Practice what the Bible calls repentance (a radical change in values and behavior) and cultivate the power of observation so we can begin to live a more spiritual life focused on choices made intelligently in the present moment.




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