Yoga Sutra 1.1 - Now is the time for Yoga

January 30, 2017

NOW is the time to begin the timeless practice of yoga ... 
Not later, not soon, but NOW. Our minds can't be bogged down in the past or fretting about the future. With all other concerns at least temporarily put aside, our minds are free to be completely in the moment. The ability to focus attention is an important requisite in all areas of learning and life. Now is the time to practice.
The yoga sutras were intended to be chanted by students to remember and teach the path to the ultimate release of suffering - or attain the state of enlightenment 
Reciting the Sutras was part of their practice. The first Sutra is a calling together, a starting anew, a clearing of the slate to practice with faith that the teachings will help us release pain and suffering. 
The Asana (posture) part of the practice is one of eight Limbs of Yoga practiced in the Sutras. In modern times, the connection to the body is often the start of a practice. By making the consistent effort to be present and undertake the discipline of study we begin to clear a pathway for peace 

In this time of change it's important to cultivate our practice. We will deliver more Sutras each week this year as an exploration into yoga and solutions to release suffering during challenging times.






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