Yoga Sutra 1.5 - Five Mental Modificaions

March 13, 2017

Onward with the Yoga Sutras: today we focus on 1.5. Pantanjali tells us there are 5 mind activities (discussed in Sutras 1.6-1.11). However, Pantanjali categorizes the mental modifications here as either causing pain or painless.

The Vrittis (constant mental gymnastics performed as thoughts bouncing around in our head) can flow toward the painless though clarity, discernment( knowledge + intelligence + experience), and selflessness or the painful by thoughts influenced by ignorance and help maintain its power and influence. 

In general, our mind-flow is accustomed to maintaining ignorance and, by habit, are drawn into its current often. Through the practice of yoga and stillness the painless thoughts can overtake the whirl of ignorance. 
Each time meditation, prayer, selfless action, study or mantra is practiced it adds force to the momentum of painless thoughts and strengthens their influence in our lives.

No selfless, yogic act, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

We have all glimpsed moments of joy and peace- when the mind has become steadier and reflects a hint of our true nature.
Without self-motivated expectations there is nothing to disturb the mind. The source of our pain is our own appointment or expectation. When we are no longer prodded by self-centered thought processes the mind gradually becomes clear and still allowing your inner-joy to shine out!




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