Notes from the Trail (Day 1):

June 15, 2017

We (Kim and her Fam) have been making a family trip to Arizona each year for the past 11 years. Pinnacle Peak is within walking distance from where we stay.

The first 5 or 6 years I never made it to the highest point on the trail... every year since then I've been working to get to this sign or beyond.

Each year the energy in my body changes. Some years making it to this point is a piece of cake... others it's a struggle. Last year it was a struggle and I'm not sure I made much of an effort to achieve my goal. This year I'm returning to my mantras to encourage myself through to my goal. 

It's the first day of seven here and each day I'll go a little farther. Each year this trip signifies a reset. It's the week of my birthday and 46 is going to be a MUCH different year than 45. More gratitude, focus, prosperity, appreciation, imagination, love, and abundance. 


Below are more images from the first day on the trail - enjoy some AZ!




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