Notes from the Trail (Day 2)

June 15, 2017

Headed out on another stroll up a mountain this morning to see how far we could go. Miss Riley accepted the challenge and headed out with me today (dancing to her tunes the first half mile not realizing we have 5 miles to go, uphill, with switchbacks. Although seriously funny, spending energy wildly swinging arms and legs might make it difficult coming down the trail. And I'm not in any kind of shape to carry her tall, lanky body down. But it was funny.).

We went about a half mile past the highest point on the trail today. This is farther than she has ever been - past Owl's Rest where she stopped a couple of years ago. 

Toward the end of our jaunt her legs were operating like Jello. Both of us had mantras for completing the hike down - being mindful of each step, our awareness opened to people and space around us, allowing the strength in our muscles to be cheered on by our mind. 

The walk became a practice of Mindfulness and Loving-kindness toward ourselves.
Yes, she was crabby at the end. But she made it.

We reached marker 49 today. We both agree tomorrow we will go farther.  


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