Notes from the Trail (Day 6)

June 15, 2017


Two more hiking days... what to do? I've been entertaining hiking another trail here, and maybe I will, but I really like that I can walk to Pinnacle Peak.

So, today I chose to work through boredom/sameness/familiarity/routine.

Or, at least that's what I was thinking when I started.  

What happened was more focus on how I FELT. Yup, those yummy feelers!
In (generalized) yoga philosophy, I've been taught that our thoughts bubble up as emotion (that's when we are conscious of the thought), the emotion then becomes a feeling in the body.

If we are not in touch with our emotions, clear communication and speaking our truth becomes a challenge.

If we do not recognize our feelings then we do not have the power to change our circumstance.

In the past, I've either ate my feelings or worked them out. Both are avoidance techniques.

Today on the trail, I focused fully on how I felt and, more specifically, focused on what I needed to do to feel good/positive the whole way through.

A couple of interesting things happened with this focus:
1) I noticed the contrast in feeling what I wanted to think vs what I actually think about my physical body. I rested, took pictures, and slowed down/sped up because it felt GOOD.

2) I noticed what I saw on the trail changed based upon how I felt:
- Happy: A silly kissy face in a boulder
- Inspired: An athletic man running the trail with one leg and poles, no prosthetic (definition of bad ass)
- Accomplished: A woman running the trail again (bad ass)
- Encouraged: An overweight gentleman walking the trail and going as far as he can and doing the best he can (bad ass)

The theory here is the more I am aware of how I feel, I can make better choices in life... AND... I see things differently! 

I've done workout programs that focus on ass kicking, movement, nutrition and everything in between... and not focus on FEELINGS. Once I was done with the program I avoided my feelings again through old habits.

I'm changing my perspective to FEELING GOOD:
Feeling good where I am now.
Feeling good in routine.
Feeling good in daily life.
Feeling good getting my shit together.
Feeling good cuddling with Riley.
Feeling good paying bills.
Feeling good walking the trail.
Feeling good having a conversation with my Mom.

You know when I don't feel good? When I avoid my crap.

Get the idea? It's all about FEELING GOOD... I'll be over here making a habit of feeling good! 😃  

#DamnSkippy #BeHappy #Feelings #WhatAreYouFeelingWhenYouEat #WhatAreYouAvoiding #GoThere #BeCurious 

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