Toni started exploring yoga in 2008 as a way to transform her life. She wanted to incorporate fitness and fill the spaces of loneliness within her; after her marriage ended in divorce and simultaneously 20 years of a successful corporate career ended with anger, bitterness, stress and anxiety. A lifetime of denial about her life choices and raging eating disorders had finally come to a head. Forced to deal with her own unhappiness, body image issues, self esteem, eating disorders, and the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship, Yoga became an outlet for change and transformation. 

After finding her passion and determining how to earn a living doing what she loved, Toni became a certified holistic life coach, inspirational keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She used Yoga to manage her anxiety and eating disorders and finally developed a connection with her body, mind and spirit. On the mat Toni found peace, self-acceptance, an ability to slow her mind down and feel her physical power. Yoga gave Toni the space to understand that most of her limitations were not within her body but within her heart and mind. After 6 years of desiring to become a Yoga teacher, Toni finally let go of her fears and limiting beliefs about what she could offer the Yoga community and committed to her 200-hr RYT certification at TriBalance with Kim Brown and Joy Antipow. 

As a teacher Toni wants to give others the awareness and understanding that Yoga can change you in ways you'd never image It can create a freedom from old thought patterns and begin to make connections with feelings within ourselves that no longer serve us. Yoga can free us from the old wounds and create new awareness, mindfulness and self-love that may have been blocked by our past. Through Yoga, Toni wants to help others stand in the present moment and find peace within their personal chaos.  She wants others to feel freedom from body shame and create new acceptance within themselves.

Toni Morales

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